Consultant Profile

Prasetiya Mulya Executive Learning Institute is an institution that offers business management solutions and supported by qualified consultants. In its prolonged service for more than 30 years, Prasetiya Mulya Executive Learning Institute through its consultants who have long been in the world of management and business has successfully helped numerous companies in Organizational Development, Performance Management, Leadership Transitions, and Grooming Leaders in various organizations.

With many years experience in various areas including manufacturing, consulting, education, banking, retail, etc., they have a great interest and strong commitment in providing business and management solutions through the design and contextual methods with the strategic direction of each company.



Deddi Tedjakumara

Has considerable expertise and interest in business and strategic planning, corporate finance, not for profit management and social business. Deddi has been engaging in business planning, consulting as well in designing and conducting workplace learning and performance development program in many companies.

He delivered high scope consultancies and development programs with concentration in Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Finance, and the Media Industry.

A member of the American Society of Training and Development. He writes frequently on business and management subjects, and also presents his at public seminars. He serves as the Executive Director of Prasetiya Mulya Executive Learning Institute.

Ir. Gerhard Sitanggang, MM, MBA

Gerhard is an expert in performance management and value innovation, which are among the topics he has facilitated together with various strategic management subjects.

Gerhard has conducted corporate training, project coaching, and consultancies for business and strategic in the industry of Automotives, Healthcare, and Resouce Based. He has abundant experience in facilitating strategic planning, organizational behavior, culture development, and business models.

Gerhard obtained his graduate degree from Institute Teknologi Bandung (ITB) and his postgraduate degree from IPMI, Jakarta and Mt.Eliza Business School of Monash University, Australia. He is a Director of Prasetiya Mulya Executive Learning Institute.

Switomo Santoso Ak., MBA, CPMA, CFP

Switomo's core expertise includes finance, accounting, and supply chain. He also has exposure with MNCs, both local and abroad, with over 20 years in Retail, Automotive, Banking, Financial and Manufacturing sectors.

He has broad experience and interest in the field of financial analysis, branch development, sales performance management, retail marketing, as well as managerial accounting.

Switomo was awarded professional qualifications of CPMA (Certified Professional Management Accountant) and CFP (Certified Financial Planner). He holds an MBA degree from California State University, USA, and certification as a Registered Accountant from Brawijaya University. Switomo is a Director of Prasetiya Mulya Executive Learning Institute.

Mely Simpony, MBA

Mely has expertise in merger & acquisitions, integration, and restructuring; set-up & alignment of finance structure; pricing and profitability; treasury, legal, and corporate secretarial; as well as strategic business partnerships.

She joined Prasetiya Mulya after retiring as a business practitioner. Mely has major exposure in the Banking, Advertising, and Market Research sectors of worldwide companies. Formerly she was a CFO for Asia Pacific. Since joining Prasetiya Mulya Executive Learning Institute as a consultant in June 2011, Mely has become a guest speaker, business and strategic consultant, project coach and facilitator for various MNCs, state owned, and local companies in the industry of Banking, Healthcare, Transportation, and Insurance.

Mely earned her MBA degree from UALR, USA. She is a Director of Prasetiya Mulya Executive Learning Institute.

M.A Endang Tatiana, MM

Endang Tatiana's deep interest in talent and organizational development is founded upon her considerable experience in training and development function in several industries, including Automotive, Insurance, and Distribution Services.

In the areas of development program, she was involved in high-level program for developing business management capabilities and leadership, which are related to Organizational Development, Performance Management, and Human Capital Development in the form of coaching, mentoring, training, and consulting. These high-level programs provided Endang Tatiana exposure in the Automotive, F&B, Petrochemicals, and Property Industries, among many others.

She is a Certified Trainer for Interaction Management Techniques for an Empowered Workforce from DDI (Development Dimensions International), Certified MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) Suite of Instruments by CPP Asia Pacific, and Certified Situational Leadership by Ken Blanchart. Currently, she is a Director of Prasetiya Mulya Executive Learning Institute.

Mawar Sheila,MM,M.Psi  (MS)

Mawar has a great expertise and interest in development and training program in the fields of organization as well as human capital development. She also delivers assessment and executive coaching program to various government agencies, state owned companies, and leading private companies. In the areas of consulting, she has facilitated variety of development programs such as Leadership, Supervisory, Coaching, Counseling & Mentoring, Communication, Training for Trainers, Change management, Conflict Management, Recruitment & Selection.

Mawar is a graduate in Psychology from Padjadjaran University and Professional Psychology Program and holds a Magister Management degree from Prasetiya Mulya Business School. She holds certification as a Certified Coach Practitioner (CCP) from International Coach Federation (ICF) and Certified Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She is a Consultant at Prasetiya Mulya Executive Learning Institute.

Alfred Albert Tuwahatu, MBA

Alfred has expertise in branding and strategic marketing. He has a deep interest in the fields of Consumer Markets, Business Development, New Product Innovation, Marketing Communication, and Brand Management. Alfred's brings with him an outstanding 20-year career in blue chip consumer goods companies. In his early 30s, he was entrusted to be part of top management as Marketing Director in major multinational companies.

Alfred has exposure in several market leader companies in the industry of Healthcare, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, and Media. His marketing expertise covers developing strategic planning, building brand equity, developing integrated marketing programs, executing marketing research as well as developing people & organizations.

After 20 years of being a practitioner in business, the holder of an MBA from Prasetiya Mulya Business School decided to start running his own business in IT/Integrated Mobile Solution as well as following his calling as a Consultant at Prasetiya Mulya Executive Learning Institute.

Ruby Hermanto

Ruby has core expertise in brand management and marketing communication. His competence and interest in the marketing world enabled him to head the marketing departments of several companies in various industries, including information technology and telecommunication with major exposure in Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry.

During his career, Ruby acquired experience in overseeing companywide strategy and execution of marketing communication, as well as managing research, product development, budget control, and business planning. His current focus in Banking, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, and Telecommunication.

After graduating from the University of Indonesia, he gained his mater's degree from Prasetiya mulya Business School. Currently, he serves as a Consultant at Prasetiya Mulya Executive Learning Institute in sharing his marketing accument.